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Out of Darkness is an interactive exhibition about one family’s struggle for survival during the Holocaust. Suitable for students from y6 up to adult learners.

Drawing on letters, diary entries, photographs and stories told to her by her parents, Artist and Lighting Designer Jenny Kagan uses images, text, projection, sound and built environments to create a three-dimensional re-telling of her parents’ meeting and hiding in the Kaunas ghetto, Lithuania, during the Second World War.

Suitable for the following subject areas:
English and Creative Writing, Theatre Studies, History, & Art

Depending on your subject focus there will be space for your students to complete follow-up activities and interact with the exhibition and artist to deepen their learning and develop a personal response.

Find out more about how the exhibition links to your curriculum here.

For more information, to book and to discuss your requirements please email:

School/groups bookings available:
Monday – Wednesday, 9am – 4pm

Free admission

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the visits take?
The duration of your session is 3 hours. The exhibition itself takes up to one hour. The exhibition space is not suitable for large groups to enter at the same time. Entry will be staggered with groups of no more than 4 being admitted at 5 to 10 minute intervals. There are activities outside the main space for students to engage with while they are waiting. A facilitator will be present within the exhibition.

How many students can we bring?
The maximum group size in any morning or afternoon session is 30. You are welcome to book more than one session to accommodate larger groups.

Is there a dedicated education space?
Yes. This space will also be available for follow up work for the whole group after visiting the show. You are welcome to use this area for lunch. You are will have access to both the exhibition and the work space for the duration of your session.

There is parking for coaches and minibuses. Please inform us of your parking requirements prior to your visit.

What materials will be supplied on site?
We will supply clipboards so that students can work as they go round. Students will need to bring their own writing or drawing materials. There is no computer access available.

Is it suitable for children with special needs?
Yes though if needs are complex we recommend that teachers visit beforehand. We regret that the nature of the space makes wheelchair access challenging. Please contact us to discuss special access requirements.

What days can we book time with Jenny Kagan or Fiona Atkinson (English specialist)?
Wednesdays for Jenny, Tuesdays for Fiona.

Can we book provisionally then get back to you?
Yes. We can hold the slot for up to 5 days.

Preparation for the visit
Probably the best way to do this is for you to visit the exhibition yourself first so that you can make links to the work you are covering in school.
We can also provide a fact sheet on the Holocaust and there are suggestions for activities on the subject specific sections of the web-site. In addition you can email questions and/or book a phone call with Fiona.

Are follow up lessons or activities back at school part of the package?
No, though there are suggested links to the curriculum and ideas for follow-up activities on the web-site.

Can students take photographs?

Is there space to write and/or draw?
Yes both inside and outside the exhibition.